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The Tetley Workshop

Carpet & Tapestry Conservation Studio

Conservation of Historic Carpets and Rugs for the Future





The Tetley Workshop Carpet & Tapestry Conservation Studio is committed to ensuring the national collection of historic carpets and rugs is protected for the future. The workshop has built a reputation over twenty two years for practical conservation treatments to historic house carpets as well as for sound business practice.

The conservators are available for consultation on all matters related to the remedial and preventative conservation of historic textiles. Full written and photographic reports are kept on all objects in conservation at the workshop.

    * Do you have carpets, which you would like sensitively cleaned and repaired?
    * Are you working with a client to select and display carpets for a domestic or business interior?
    * Are you concerned with the possibility of moth damage, or do you already have moth in your collection?
    * Are you considering how to protect your displayed carpets from the annual visitor wear?
    * Do you need help rolling and moving a large fragile carpet